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Compressed Coin Tissue 300pcs

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  • South Korea South Korea
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  • Materials: Viscose Rayon (Cellulose)
  • Size: 230mm x 230mm ±5%
  • Can be stored long-term and can be used safe as no preservatives were used.
  • The shortcomings of the existing non-hygienic cotton towel, water tissue & preservatives and other chemical additives etc were complemented.
  • No Bacteria, No Preservatives, No Formaldehyde, No Alcohol.
  • Not affected by the temperature, stores in dry condition, so less chance of germs.
  • Compared to that produced in China, hygienic production is possible since this is produced by an automated system.
  • This product is manufactured by compressing Viscose Rayon (Cellulose) into tablet form. Soft and stretchy.
  • Reasonable water consumption: 10cc per piece
  • Can be used as a functional water tissue depending on the needs of the user: Can be used as a functional water tissue by dropping green tea, alcohol etc onto the product.
  • Tip!! Even recommended to use as a mask pack for woman.



- ISO 9001

- ISO 14001

- Kotra Global Brand

- K+ certificate